In The Abstract

A first-class mind (no doubt) writes:

There are many reasons for adolescent under-achievement as measured by GCSE grades, but the most salient is that thousands of our children are intellectually incapable of mastering the abstractions in academic studies.

This does not mean that many of these children do not excel in pursuits where they are self-motivated, such as line-dancing, hair-dressing, sport, motorcycle maintenance, calf-rearing, tractor driving et alia.

Grammar schools should continue their excellent work and non-academic children in the secondary sector should have a curriculum linked to employment. Most of their schooldays should be spent in the workplace.

It’s an excellent point, but it ignores the risks of pigeon-holing gifted children at an early age. What about my child -who is equally passionate and excellent at Hegel and line-dancing? Won’t the grammar schools provide for some form of tuition for him? I don’t want him coming home spattered with the pig manure flying from the wellingtons of the ignorant, you know.

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