What up, people. I would apologise for the fact that I haven’t written much of late, but would do so in the knowledge that I’m being presumptuous. I declare this: looking after a child and a house full-time is not conducive to a life of the mind. I imagined myself having the time to get some reading done, do some guitar practice and write a few long and detailed posts. That delusion passed after a couple of days. What followed were two weeks during which I accumulated more ignorance than I ever thought possible, and I managed to do so with the radio on and regular internet access. I suspect part of it is the high-high-C squeals that short circuit your thought processes. So you’re thinking about how the current banking crisis is the result of the credit crunch which in itself arises from the effects of a burst housing bubble which happened because of deregulated lending, and just when you’re starting to piece things together in terms of a programmatic immiseration of the American worker which began some time in the late 1960s, you hear AIIEEEEEEEEIIIAAAIEEEE!!, and that’s the end of that thought. After another few days of this, you’re down to wondering whether or not Bianca will get back with AIIEEEEAIIIIAAIIIAIEEE! and so it goes.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point, which was to highlight a story from Sunday’s Tribune. It seems as though it’s been removed from the website now. It is cached on Google. Missing from the cache are all the Neo-Nazi comments that had been appearing on it during the day. It has also been linked to by Neo-Nazi sites because of the subject matter, and, I would imagine, the way in which the subject matter was presented.

The headline says ‘Only Irish Girl in Class’. The body of the piece elaborates on the headline: to be Irish –really Irish- is to have Irish born parents. The accompanying photo, well, you don’t need to be Roland Barthes to work out what the connoted message is, and what the piece as a whole says about who is Irish and who isn’t.

Don’t know why the piece was removed. I notice that the sole comment in the cached page, from the featured child’s mother, expresses concerned that people might get upset by it and that no harm was intended by it. I’m guessing she (quite understandably) had no idea that it was going to be presented the way it was. So maybe there was a complaint raised. Or maybe it was the ugly openly racist commentary that was appearing on the thread, or the fact that it was being featured on Neo-Nazi sites.

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  1. 1 M16 October 1, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    I never knew you had a guitar, never mind learning how to play one. Ihave one for more than twelve years and I still can’t play it. Maybe we can help each other the next time you are down.

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