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The F-word

To my mind there has been quite a lot of guff written in recent days. The biggest wheezes came from those who said that recent developments constituted a move away from capitalism toward socialism. I was therefore pleased to hear this exchange today on Democracy Now!

JUAN GONZALEZ: Bob Scheer, the amazing irony now is, as we read in some of the papers today, that the very firms that were involved in creating this crisis are now lining up in Washington to be able to become managers, in case the federal government buys up this debt, and then it needs to manage how it will get rid of the debt, so that the very firms are now lining up to become the money managers of the distressed debt that the government buys.

ROBERT SCHEER: Right. What you’ve got here is really the end of the Reagan Revolution. And I hate to bring up the bad “F” word, but, you know, there is a model for this, and Mussolini had it in Italy, and it’s called “fascism.” It’s where your big corporate interests throw in with government, destroy the freedom of the rest of the people, and preserve their power. Everybody forgets, private corporations and banks did quite well, made out quite well in Italy and Germany in those days, you know? And I am really worried about this assault on our democracy.

Emphasis mine. And I agree.


Not much to say about the downfall-of-capitalism-that-wasn’t-or-was-it? yet, but what I can say is that on my visit to the frozen section in SuperValu today I picked up a Linda McCartney aubergine and courgette dish after a rush of blood to the head. If the recipes are hers -and I have no reason to believe otherwise- then she was a better cook than she was a singer. Oh – and I went to St Vincent de Paul, where I picked up the following, for the princely sum of €6.50:

  • Three albums by Richard Thompson (Henry The Human Fly, Front Porch Ballads, Old Kit Bag)
  • The last Lambchop album
  • The Very Best of Al Green
  • Chávez Ravine by Ry Cooder
  • Baudelaire’s Ecrits Esthétiques
  • Pies and Prejudice: In Search of the North by Stuart Maconie

Not bad, and if you’d said to me fifteen years ago that I’d find anything of the calibre of the above in a St VdeP shop, I’d have beaten you over the head with a Sidney Sheldon omnibus. Another visit may be in order before my stay-at-home pa days come to an end.

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