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Doin’ It To The Kids

At last! The real questions are coming to the fore in the US presidential election.

Such as ‘Is Barack Obama the type of paedophile you want as your President?’


Hot Licks, Jesus

I always thought Nick Lowe was boring pub rock, and so I gave him a wide berth.

I was wrong: it is excellent pub rock. The recent (well, six months ago or so) re-issue of Jesus of Cool provides a good opportunity to re-assess his significance. Not that I am going to do any such thing, other than to note the rockingness of the tunes.

Lipstick, Power and Pain

The real issues being addressed:

After a day of angry claims and counter-claims on a variety of issues, the McCain campaign quickly organized a conference call for reporters with former Massachusetts acting governor Jane Swift, chairman of the newly formed Palin Truth Squad, set up to counter supposedly unbalanced media treatment of the Alaska governor and mother of five.

Mrs Swift demanded Mr Obama apologize for the comment. When asked why she was so certain that the comment was aimed at Mrs Palin – it is an expression so common it is the title of a book by a former Pentagon spokesman – she said it was an obvious reference to Mrs Palin’s much-quoted line that the only difference between hockey moms and pitbull dogs was lipstick.

“It seemed to me a gendered comment. There’s only one woman in the race,” she said.

Maybe Obama has started using the ‘lipstick on a pig’ phrase in response to the pitbull thing. It is impossible to know. But it’s important to note that it isn’t really a gendered comment since the pig’s gender is not mentioned. As a likely closet Muslimist, Obama may have a very low opinion of pigs, and may be -in his mind- smearing male pigs for their effeminacy.


I was thinking about the US presidential election again. Thinking, I don’t care that much if John McCain wins, because I periodically plunge into a sort of slow-burning millenarianism, but also because I can remember turning on the TV four years ago on the way out to work and seeing that Bush had won again. That doesn’t seem that long ago. I’ve got stuff that’s been in the freezer longer. In the long run, however, there will be no victory against this torrent of corporate controlled one-dimensional effluent through which politics is supposed to be glimpsed. The final destination of this, the ideal destination, will be once billions of people are sitting at their computer screens poring over the latest morsel of political dungspeak, writing long and considered musings about its potential significance, while ever larger numbers of non-people are immiserated, displaced, bombed, starved. That’s the real lipstick on the pig.  Think you can blog against the tide? That ‘new media’ is going to make a difference? I say blow it out your ass and start stocking the cans of pineapple cubes.

Is This The Real Life

The Bury-based five-piece, who were first nominated for the prize in 2001, were rewarded for their fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid, which the judges said was “an epic rock record – triumphant, heartbreaking, unerringly melodic and life affirming

I liked the Elbow record a lot, despite the fact that as a very superficial person, I was initially put off the band’s music by their terrible name. But seeing any record getting described as ‘life affirming’ makes me want to blow chunks, even though I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to mean.

Below, Eels do Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living), which has a life affirming title.

I also liked the Last Shadow Puppets and Neon Neon records. Neon Neon would have been my pick of the three that I heard. A concept album about John DeLorean: what’s not to like? From it, Belfast, which I presume is not the official video, though it does contain some fairly extensive footage of young ‘uns throwing petrol bombs.

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