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Capo di tutti capi

The nipper was brought along to the nurse yesterday for the check-up on his development. Turns out, though it was always fairly obvious to me, that in one area of development in particular, he stands out from the rest of his peer group, and in so doing he takes after his pa.

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I thought the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy were worthily angry but a bit dull at the same time. But since then Michael Franti has written some top drawer tunes that in a parallel universe would be massive hits, though the strident lyrical content rarely coincides in with the priorities of mainstream radio and the like. The last three Spearhead albums have all been excellent, the latest of these -All Rebel Rockers, produced by Sly and Robbie- is the best yet, with a deeper dub influence than before, though I shall not embarrass myself by elaborating on the nature of the grooves. I see the band is playing Electric Picnic this weekend, which I would be looking forward to if I were in fact going.


Not going to provide evidence, but somehow situations where one would have previously used the word ‘changed’ metastasised into situations where it seems more appropriate to use the word ‘metastasise’. The possibility that something might simply turn into something else has also metastasised into the possibility that something might metastasise.

On this matter I am conservative: we need to change back to change I can believe in.

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