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Blessed Are The Cheese Takers

Barbara Ehrenreich has a fine article on Christianity Lite in the Nation, spoiled somewhat by the use of the word narcissism.

Schuller faced a different biohazard on his first class flight in ’97–cheese. When the flight attendant gave him a fruit and cheese plate for dessert, Schuller insisted that the cheese be removed. The flight attendant refused, explaining, reasonably enough, that all the fruit had been plated with cheese and could be contaminated, from a cheese-allergy- sufferer’s point of view. But the pastor was simply on a low-fat diet and did not want to see the cheese on his plate, so he got out of his seat and accosted the flight attendant, shaking him violently by the shoulders. Schuller ended up paying an $1,100 fine and undergoing six months of police supervision.

And was also forced to read a copy of ‘Who Wouldn’t Move My Cheese?’


We learned the song Mickey Marley’s roundabout at school. Then I got the opportunity to ride it one day, round about the time Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came out. I was underwhelmed. It was a small wooden rickety thing. You would have thought from the song that it was like something out of Barry’s in Portrush, only mobile. Anyway, the Belfast Telegraph reports on the very sad state of Mickey Marley’s horse.

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