War on Narcissism

Well I don’t know about you (and quite frankly I don’t care) but I am weary of coming across the use of the term ‘narcissist‘ in writing about American politics.


1 Response to “War on Narcissism”

  1. 1 Kevin August 12, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Had he had secured the nomination, and the scandal broke after the fact, his campaign would have been over. The Democratic party’s hopes of restoring the country – and the world’s good opinion of the US – would have dashed.

    Someone’s got her auxiliary verbs a bit mixed up. Those few lines took a more than a few tries to get through. But what follows, the most unnecessary ‘as it were’ ever, rectifies all in my books.

    (Uh, thanks, John, but we didn’t exactly think that someone like your wife had forced your hand – or some other body part, as it were – so that you would get down with your campaign videographer, Rielle Hunter.)

    And on narcissism, did you see John Stewart? “He’s running for President, he thinks he should run the Free World, aren’t they both kind of arrogant? What’s McCain’s humble strategy?”


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