Bigger Pies

Recommencing the aborted series where I ask questions of myself and give myself considered answers.

Question: Now that there is a recession on, why do there seem to be so many newspaper items about how a certain type of person is now resorting to discount supermarkets these days?
Like here, here, here, here. If more people are shopping there, then it should be reported on. But it’s the lifestyle pieces I’m talking about here: the ones referring to how people driving Mercs are now stocking up on ‘meat’ pie and other delights.

You would think you’d see at least some sort of interrogation of what recession means for people at work. You know, like how groups like IBEC or the Small Firms Association can benefit from rising unemployment because it enables them to make the case to government to drive wages down , whilst allowing their members to use the threat of unemployment to make their employees compliant in accepting worsened conditions, working longer hours for nothing, and so on. Could it be because we have newspapers that represent people in terms of their consumption patterns, rather than in terms of what they face as workers?

Answer: I agree, ‘meat’ pie is delicious.


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