Needless Needles

As a 7 or 8 year old I landed up to my friend’s house, and went into the living room where he was sitting with his mother, learning to knit. I didn’t pass any remarks, but when we went outside to play with nunchucks made from sawn broom handles and sinkplug chains, he gave me a brief speech on how learning to knit was important, because when Rambo found himself out in the middle of the wilderness in the cold, knitting skills would be very important in order to keep warm. I never developed sufficient knowledge of commando skills in order to find out if this was in fact true, though I am pretty sure that it wasn’t, since the easiest way of keeping warm -assuming one could find a suitable furry animal- would be simply to skin the creature and wear its pelt. Maybe -on the establishment of a settlement with drinking water, easily accessible food sources and so on- there would be sufficient time in the day to sit down and knit a fine sweater that did not smell of rotting animal flesh. But then you would have to wonder why a hardened killer like Rambo would find himself in such a situation. In the end, though, he did find himself in a similar situation: at the beginning of the latest Rambo film.

I have been using the Davina McCall workout video lately to supplement my running. Just in case, you know, I ever find myself deep in the jungle and need supple reflexes to avoid angry apes who want to rend me limb from limb.


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