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Moral Minority

David Quinn with some ‘home truths’.

Let’s take the part of the electorate I understand best, which we’ll call ‘family values voters’. There is probably no part of the electorate treated with more contempt by the political and media establishments.

These voters believe that human life should be protected in law from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. They believe that children tend to do best when raised by their mothers and fathers, and they believe in marriage. They also believe in the value of religion. These are not the views of extremists, contrary to the opinion of politicians with bad memories of the 1980s; this is a constituency which, although diminished, is never going to disappear.

If the main parties had listened to such voters, they would have substantially sliced the majority who voted ‘No’.

If they had, they’d have shifted the vote by about 1%, according to the Eurobarometer survey, which isn’t really what I call a substantial slice, but I guess it depends on the size of your pie and the ratio of the dimensions of your eyes to those of your stomach. (Thanks Irish Election). And that’s assuming that every person in the 2% of those who voted No because of the fear that gay marriage, euthanasia and abortion might be introduced would have been sufficiently convinced by the main parties, and that the main parties’ appeal to these voters didn’t send people in the opposite direction.

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Looking at my stats, as I do once every 400 years, I see my ‘About’ page is getting a lot of hits today. No idea why, but it’s freaking the shit out of me.

Our Man In Brussels, or OK, how about I throw in a set of new mats?

The Irish Times:

There was growing acceptance among EU leaders in Brussels yesterday that allowing all 27 member states to retain a commissioner would be a key component of any deal to allow the Lisbon Treaty to be put to the Irish people in a second referendum next year.

I still don’t understand the fixation on having a full-time permanent Irish commissioner. Do people sincerely believe that Charlie McCreevy is out there fighting the good fight for the people of Ireland (or Peter Mandelson, say, for the people of the UK)? Maybe it was more important when there were less EU member states, but the power of one among 27 seems fairly negligible. If this is going to be a key component of a second referendum I suspect it is so because it’s quite an easy request to fulfil, since it’s of little real consequence beyond symbolic value.

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