Just Seven Numbers

OK, this seven songs for summer thing doing the rounds: ‘they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer’, whatever that means.

  1. The 4th Branch, by Immortal Technique. Off Revolutionary Vol 2. Angry, angry hip-hop. Angry.
  2. A Postcard to Nina, by Jens Lekman. Off Night Falls Over Kortadela. Jens visits Nina’s father pretending to be her boyfriend so that the father doesn’t find out she’s a lesbian.
  3. Care of Cell 44, by The Zombies. The opening track to Odeesey and Oracle. To a bouncy melody, the elated voice of someone writing to tell his lover he’s looking forward to him (her?) getting out of prison.
  4. Mediterraneo by Joan Manuel Serrat. Off Mediterraneo.
  5. Standing Next to Me, by Last Shadow Puppets. Off The Age of The Understatement.
  6. Young Americans, by David Bowie. Off Young Americans. The bit where it kicks in with ‘I heard the news today oh boy’: genius, even if the song is so-so.
  7. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show, by the Pet Shop Boys. Off Fundamental. Young unworldly man visits discotheque, with slightly predictable results.

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