House Not Home, Lawyer Reveals

The final argument from the ‘Yes’ camp is that the ‘No’ side really doesn’t understand Lisbon. And, for once, they’re right. So why should I say ‘Yes’ to a legal document I don’t understand? My lawyer would never urge me to buy a house under such conditions.

Actually, one of the reasons you engage the services of a lawyer in house purchases is to interpret legal documents you don’t understand. So your lawyer would probably only urge you (if urge is the right word) to buy a house under those conditions.

In fact -and on this I must recant in part some of what I said in a previous post- the referendum commission performs a similar function in interpreting the basic meaning of Lisbon Treaty for you. Contrary to what is said in Myers’s article, the interpretation is clear and fairly easy to understand. What the referendum commission can’t do for you, however, is to foresee the reality of the European Union post-Lisbon, just as you wouldn’t expect your lawyer to advise you on future house prices. That part you have to figure out for yourself. And that’s the part that’s difficult for your average citizen (i.e. me) to understand. The usual mad dog’s shite from contemporary Father Coughlins, warning that the country will be overrun by Turkish Muslims unless you vote No, is an unwelcome distraction.


1 Response to “House Not Home, Lawyer Reveals”

  1. 1 dav June 10, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Don’t worry, Fintan O’Toole has diagnosed your condition:

    “Voters, reasonably enough, set the bar much higher for a Yes vote than for a No. Our reasons for doing something have to be clear – those for not doing something can be confused, incoherent, self-contradictory.”

    Apparently voting ‘No’ is equivalent to ‘doing nothing’.

    I love not doing something sometimes, and am rarely confused by the disinclination.

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