Yesterday in the Sunday Independent

Has there ever in this country been anything as unfunny as a thrusting solicitor whose home was a castle? Given what Brian Cowen did to property in this country through that obsession with the Muslim population in Ireland, I have cried. And I don’t think I was the only one.

Maybe the Irish are just too rich now, to understand what it takes to believe that Europe is a Christian continent and should be proud of that. The Muslim population in Ireland remains small, and theirs has been a peaceful presence so far. Certainly the Jewish experience would suggest that the quality of a nation’s millions through property investments is directly related to the depths of multi-millionaire developers.

And this is a very serious thing. I have never given much thought to the Presidency of our glorious country, if the truth be told. Wealthy and successful, some of those currently beating a path to its door are normally the kind of people who prefer to see the organs harvested from executed Chinese.

In fact, the last person to fulfil that role for the Irish was probably Mary, the mother of Jesus. Because the one thing all parents want to do is protect their child, and to realise they are being bullied or are bullying others is crucifying.

“Boys will be boys,” she sniffed as she headed for the door. “You have to allow them to express themselves. Otherwise you’ll crush their little spirits.”

But Muslims tend to be much more literal in their interpretation. Mind you, when it comes to the latter, in terms of blowing out the last of the dirty petrol of the dwindling spoils from multi-million euro enterprises, they in turn have also benefited fully from all the luxuries attendant on being Irish citizens.

And where are all the so-called feminists while this is going on? Keeping their heads down,
they reportedly are suing investment bankers Merrill Lynch, who advised them to buy into a mortgage backed bond issued by a much more glamorous figure, with her ermine cloaks and diamonds.

And it has revealed at this juncture that a kind of a Good Mammy to the Taoiseach’s Grumpy Daddy has also been giving the lead in challenging reactionary Islam by making tough, interesting speeches about the hijab in Irish schools.

Yes, but there is a reason why most people find such an idea appalling: a nice, respectable, clearly hard-working and well intentioned lady who was very popular bringing property prices down to help a tiny minority of people –the millionaire property developer–has also been morally dodgy about violent nationalism.

On paper it all seems so easy. They can be anyone from people in debt to people who are moving abroad and who just want to sell quickly, their combined ambition, energy and eye for a good deal made them multi-millionaire developers. But at least, so far, for the simple reason that as a nation, we fold their tents like the Arabs and as silently steal a €100m-plus cocaine seizure for the purpose of sale or supply.

(Got the idea from here.)

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