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Warm Welcomes

Wonderful news that a war criminal is winging his way to Northern Ireland in order to gloss over the fact that few worldwide are happy with the results of the sadistic aggression he oversees in his capacity as CEO of the  American ruling class. As this BT editorial notes, one should not look a gift mass murderer in the mouth, so when he’s there burnishing his blood-stained image, he should receive a grateful welcome from all those interested in progress and stability, with extra snivelling. The world is watching, after all.

Christians for Hitler

High-profile John McCain endorser John Hagee believes Hitler was sent by God to get rid of those Jews who didn’t go to Israel in line with God’s wishes. In the past, Hagee was praised by former Vice-Presidential Democratic Party candidate Joe Lieberman, who likened him to Moses. As noted by Matthew Yglesias, He also appeared at an AIPAC-run event. For those of you who don’t know, AIPAC is America’s Pro-Israel Lobby. It will be interesting, therefore, to see whether this particular tu quoque has legs (the attention on John Hagee seems mostly a by-product of the focus on the considerably saner Jeremiah Wright and his association with Barack Obama). On second thoughts, it won’t be interesting at all.

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