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No Can Do

Queen were not the only performers to take green they didn’t need in the name of white power. Elton John, Rod Stewart, Julio Iglesias and many others can join them in a bow for shame. At the time the rock band claimed they weren’t “political” and were playing merely in the name of “entertainment”. Entertainment they were no doubt well paid for. Hall and Oates were once offered $2m to play Sun City. They refused, and described anyone who took the gig as “jerks“.

Hall and Oates are one of those acts I always thought, because of the musical spirit of the times in which I was growing up, were complete turd and to be avoided at all costs. But then I came across stuff like this:

and this:

And I thought…hot damn. Only I didn’t really think ‘hot damn’ because people from Armagh don’t think in those terms. But you know what I mean.


Pride in the shirt, lads

“I want people to stand up and have a backbone and stand to attention when you hear your anthem, and look at that flag and recognise there were people who went out one day with very little chance of victory, who were prepared to put their lives on the line so this nation could be reawakened to what was possible if we took control of our own affairs,” he said.

Inspiring. He’s right you know. In fact, we should be taking a leaf out of other countries’ books and hanging flags everywhere, all the time. Think how fantastic it would be to drive around Lucan and see every single semi detached house with an Irish flag in the front garden. Nothing would raise the national spirit more than a tricolour on every bumper on the M50. And they should make it mandatory to play the national anthem at the closure of nightclubs. Maybe it is mandatory, but my drinking habits prevent me from noticing. In which case, they should make it illegal for people to get so drunk that they can’t stand for the national anthem. No: they should make it legal for bouncers to shoot people who don’t stand for the national anthem. Everyone should download Amhrán na bhFiann as a ringtone, and Gardaí should perform ‘stop and recite’ searches where they check if people know the words. They should also ban people from singing ‘oo baby let the free birds fly’ when The Fields of Athenry is getting played. Or maybe they should make it compulsory? I am undecided.

Cheaper Sneakers

Their new album is quite funny, though I don’t know yet if it will stand the test of time for comedy albums, which is usually about 2 and a half plays.

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