Give Talking

In 2000, when the Clintons last made their returns public, they reported an adjusted gross income of $416,039. Since then, Bill Clinton alone has made $82 million from just his speech income ($51.85 million) and payments (totaling $29.6 million) from his two books — “My Life ” and “Giving.”

Jesus, I wouldn’t go to the back door to see Bill Clinton. But I suppose it’s the sort of thing that CEOs go in for, so that they can have something to write about to the people they earn 300 times more than in their monthly update. ‘On Friday I attended a really interesting speech by President Bill Clinton….’ And whilst I presume that the bulk of this income from his books comes from the mammoth My Life, I’d say he received a few million for his book about giving.

An Amazon reviewer quotes:

“Who’s happier?” he writes. “The uniters or the dividers? The builders or the breakers? The givers or the takers? I think you know the answer.”

Indeed. But there is a triangulated third way. His own experience demonstrates that the more you talk about giving, the more you can get to take.

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