Age of Information

I have over 250 RSS feeds, and I am quite conscientious about reading every single update to every feed. It takes me an hour to get through the daily updates in the morning. Unfortunately, even though I consider all these feeds to be of some interest, I end up reading a substantial amount of garbage that is forgotten forever by the time I have my Weetabix.

So: I need a personal assistant -some other aggregator application is not sufficient, since I never know in advance if I am going to like what is placed in front of me- who knows what I want to read, and sends me a summary each morning of the most interesting stuff, so that I can use it appropriately. I will not pay you for this service. You will do it out of a sniveling desire to please me. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Age of Information”

  1. 1 Longman Oz April 11, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Might I suggest instead that you have your Weetabix before you start reading?

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