Step On

So, I was planning on going out for a run this afternoon. I haven’t been out in a week, and I have bought myself an iPod Shuffle especially. I was thinking of downloading some tunes worth running to. The first one that came to mind, as must be the case for anyone anywhere who has thought about running to music, was the theme from Rocky. Then I thought, inevitably, about Hillary Clinton’s remarks about Rocky again.

She said:

“Could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum stairs and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough’? That’s not the way it works”

And then I was thinking, how many steps are there anyway? And I found the answer, written in yellow, on the Parkway Council Foundation website:

Q: How many “Rocky” steps lead up the east side of the Philadelphia Museum of Art?
A: 76!

76 steps is nuthin’. And the steps are fairly well spaced out, too. Any eejit who’s any way used to running could run up them without much pain. For Rocky, or anyone else to stop when running up them during a run wouldn’t have meant they were a quitter: it would have meant that either a) they pulled a hamstring or b) they had a perverse approach to exercise, since it would require more mental effort to stop.

I realise this is of no import whatsoever, since Clinton’s intention was not to make sense on the matter, but I had to share it with someone nonetheless.

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