Blue Canary Shoot

El Público has an article today on the role of the Blueshirts in the Spanish Civil War.

On their arrival, the Blueshirts lined out alongside the Tercio, an assignment which, according to O’Duffy, represented a ‘great privilege’. After a period of preparation in Cáceres, where Irish flags were raised on public buildings and their anthem was played at official acts, the fascists were sent to the front at Ciempozuelos.

Their participation in the war was a disaster. It began with a shootout in which they ended up shooting at a brigade of falangists from the Canary Islands. Afterwards, in January, they were stationed at the front on the Jarama. There, they were only able to take part in unimportant actions due to their indiscipline.

Their enthusiasm fizzled out, and, in April 1937, they announced their departure. Ireland received them with disdain. They paraded through the streets of Dublin, but the atmosphere was glacial.

Translation mine. The article also notes that O’Duffy agreed with Franco in secret that the Blueshirts would not fight against the Basques due to the similarities they saw with Ireland.


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