Yesterday’s Girl, or The Girl From Yesterday

There are lots of posts I started, but never finished. One I didn’t get round to writing about was the experience of listening to pop music in Spanish. The gist of it was, when it comes to listening to music in your own language, you cultivate your taste from within your own culture, and a lot of that comes from understanding the references in the songs, the cultural significance of the songs themselves, and being at home in the language in which the songs are written, not to mention the influence of the music reviews you read. But when it comes to other languages, you find yourself sort of rudderless. It becomes far harder to get to grips with the content of the songs, and you feel at a remove from their intended effect. This might be something peculiar to people who grow up in cultures where songs are only broadcast in one language: I have never noticed people from non-English speaking countries with similar problems when listening to English language songs.

Anyway, the above song is La Chica de Ayer (The Girl from Yesterday) from Nacha Pop. It is from 1980, and, I’m told, is a key song in the Spanish popular canon. I stumbled across it the other day on Last.Fm. Until then, I knew almost nothing about the group, which should illustrate how much I know about Spanish music in general, since they are very well known. I see they have a new album out.


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