Get Down

So Hillary Clinton didn’t get shot at by snipers, contrary to an earlier claim she had made. I don’t know about you, but when I get shot at, I tend not to forget about it. (In the interests of disclosure, I didn’t really get ‘shot at’ – I was just in the general path of some bullets fired completely indiscriminately. However, I would like to think that the experience was scary enough for me to be able to at least empathise somewhat with those who have encountered sniper fire.) Conversely, my recollections of the many occasions on which I didn’t get shot at have never been muddied by unbidden images of being shot at. Like the time I was doing my driving test, and the British Army didn’t shoot out the back windscreen of the car as I pulled back into the test centre. Or the time when I was running the world, or at least 3km for a Sport Aid fun run, and people didn’t run the last 500m extra quick because there wasn’t a sniper picking contestants off.


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