Tell a lie big enough..

Kevin Myers, today:

But this much is certain. An organisation which uses Down Syndrome girls as suicide bombers cannot be allowed to triumph in the home of the world’s second largest oil reserves.

That much may be certain, but there is no such organisation. In fact, the only organisations that can be reasonably said to be using Down Syndrome girls are the American military and their Iraqi collaborators, as part of their propaganda efforts. And maybe the Irish Independent.


3 Responses to “Tell a lie big enough..”

  1. 1 dav March 20, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Some are more susceptible than others…

    “Pinning down Kevin Myers

    Murphy outlined how propaganda and media manipulation was organized and how this propaganda ‘spin’ had a shelf life that infected modern day accounts. Kevin Myers in The Irish Times republished one concoction of Clarke’s that attempted to discredit hunger striker Terence MacSwiney. MacSwiney was accused of plotting the assassination of the Bishop of Cork. Uniquely, Myers later apologized for recirculation of this defamatory lie.

    However, it was only at the book launch that we found out how and why Myers came to apologise.

    MacSwiney’s grandson, spoke during the Q&A session afterwards about how getting the apology published was “not easy”. He accompanied his mother, Maura MacSwiney Brugha, “as her assistant” in pursuing Myers into The Irish Times building and in pinning Myers to a wall, in order to enable Myers to listen to his mother’s account of how he got it totally wrong. Myers was later to admit publicly that he had been “duped” by, “the insidious concoctions of the black propagandist,” Basil Clarke.

    However, subsequently, Clarke’s other “insidious concoctions” found in the post-apologetic Myers a willing receptacle for publication of further propaganda.

    Myers did not detect Clarke at work in the British account of the Kilmichael ambush. In The IRA and its Enemies Peter Hart thanked Myers for his help. Myers returned the compliment by praising the 1998 revisionist account as a “masterpiece”. Myers wrote in his Irishman’s diary how Tom Barry and the IRA allegedly “systematically slaughtered disarmed RIC Auxiliaries after they had surrendered”. This account, following Peter Hart, is from the Basil Clarke school of media manipulation and, as Clarke puts it, “verisimilitude” or the appearance of truth.”

  2. 3 Hugh Green April 1, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Sorry Dav, it seems that there’s something about your comments that wordpress doesn’t like. Interesting exchange.

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