Bird Has Flown

Heaven help me, I read through Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’s divorce settlement details this afternoon. I only did so because there was nothing else to read on the internet at the time. The woman doesn’t seem to be the full shilling, bugging her husband’s conversations and shit, but who am I to begrudge anyone £24m?

Anyway, there was one detail that caught my eye:

She undertook the arrangements for furnishing, renovating and maintaining 7 Cavendish Avenue, 41 West 54th Street in New York, 11 Pintail and “Heather House”. In respect of the Cabin the construction began in 2002 and was completed in February 2004. The works which the wife says that she arranged are set out in paragraph 90 of her affidavit of 30 January 2008. It was a two bedroom property. In particular it was she who suggested that it should be built in the style of a Norwegian log cabin.

Bit of a Beatles theme going on there: building a Norwegian wood house. Did he sleep much in the bath, that’s what I want to know.


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