People Like Us

The holocaust happened to people like us, says this MTV advertisement. Yet the only thing ‘new’ about the images in the advertisement is that it shows a raid on an affluent white household. This sort of thing happens in Iraq and Afghanistan all the time.

So why not ‘The holocaust was carried out by people like us’?

Read Dahr Jamail on the Winter Soldier testimonies:

“Apr. 18, 2006 was the date of my first confirmed kill,” he said sombrely. “He was innocent, I called him the fat man. He was walking back to his house and I killed him in front of his father and friend. My first shot made him scream and look into my eyes, so I looked at my friend and said, ‘Well, I can’t let that happen’, and shot him again. After my first kill I was congratulated.”

And here is one of the testimonies.


“I began to hear new words like ‘towel head’, and ‘camel jockey’, and -the most disturbing- ‘sand nigger’. And these words did not initially come from my fellow soldiers but from my superiors, my platoon sergeant, my company first sergeant, my battalion commander, all the way up the chain of command, these terms, these viciously racist terms were suddenly acceptable.”

Listen to it, and the story he tells about the raids on the houses. And then think again about the MTV ad.


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