Cursed by Curls

This was funny:

The first I knew about it was when a rival broadsheet rang me to ask for a comment. Brian May of Queen had called me a wanker: would I care to respond? Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been surprised: if you don’t want rock stars calling you a wanker, you shouldn’t become a rock critic. But I hadn’t written a word about May. It turned out he had disliked my review of Mika’s album (“like being held at gunpoint by Bonnie Langford”, etc) and had said so on his blog. So I made a lighthearted remark to the effect that if I were responsible for inflicting We Will Rock You on the world, I’d consider keeping my distressingly-coiffed head down.

May posted again, railing against the “Establishment media” – his own anti-establishment credentials proven when he played the national anthem on top of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee – and claiming that, because I didn’t like his dreadful jukebox musical, I had proved the inherent worthlessness not just of rock criticism, but all criticism ever.


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