Back Stories

As the rest of the country hoovers cocaine by the shovelful, the wildest my Saturday nights get this weather is coping with an overflowing nappy. My son’s nappy, of course.

Anyway, having spent today engaged in various taxing baby related activities, I started to feel a pang of nostalgia for the days when Saturday night meant getting stocious, and Sunday morning meant buying a bottle of Lucozade from the filling station, where one would scan the local tabloid headlines for some seamy tale of dirty deeds done dead dirty. So this evening I had a look at today’s Sunday Life, in remembrance of things past.

The front page headline is GAA Star’s Fureys Sex Tape, about some GAA star who likes to get down and dirty to the strains of ‘The Red Rose Cafe’. Correction: it’s the rather duller GAA Star’s Sex Tape Fury, about a GAA star whose home movie got swiped by bluetooth and ended up on the front page of the Sunday Life.

It says the player:

is immediately recognisable from the distinctive tattoo across the small of his back.

I had a look at the photo. The tattoo is a word in an Old English typeface: Graham, maybe. If I recall correctly, David Beckham has a similar tattoo across the small of his back, in a similar typeface, that reads Brooklyn.

I’ve complained about the silliness of tattoos before, but I’m willing to recognise that some tattoos are more aesthetically appealing than others. A word in an Old English typeface, however, makes you look a bit like a five pound note.

Where did the inspiration for this grand lettering across the small of the back come from? I’m going to stick my neck out and identify the Arsenal kit of some ten years back, modelled below by Emmanuel Petit and Marc Overmars.



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