The Non-Terrorist Car Bomb?

So far as the Israelis are concerned, he who lives by the car bomb, dies by the car bomb.

Con Coughlin celebrates the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh in the Telegraph. The title of the piece is ‘A fitting death for terrorist Imad Mughniyeh.’ So, terrorism is appropriate, once the ends can be said to justify the means. One wonders if the writer would have had any real difficulty with the idea of, say, exploding car bombs on the streets of the Republic of Ireland as a means of dealing with the IRA.

I suppose it is nothing new for the Daily Telegraph to be glorifying terrorism. I also noticed that Coughlin also links to a blog post of his own, talking about how ‘we’ are at war against terror, denouncing ‘acts of terrorism committed by terrorists’, thus raising the question of whether you can draw a significant moral distinction between an act of terrorism committed by a terrorist and one committed by a non-terrorist.


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