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But maybe I am harsh on RTE. After all, it still shows repeats of Father Ted, which is a very funny sitcom. It struck me in the shower this morning: why should RTE be constrained by fundamentally arbitrary time intervals in its efforts to show Father Ted once more to a laughing nation? Dammit, why not show repeats of Father Ted every day?

Then I thought: the general quality of RTE programming would be improved if they showed Father Ted all the time, with maybe half an hour for the news and two minutes for the Angelus. This need not mean that all programmes be mere repeats of Father Ted. No: you could have programmes like The Late Late Father Ted Show, which would be exactly like the current Late Late Show, but guests like Charlie Landsborough and Brendan O’Carroll would appear to answer questions about how much they love Father Ted. Then you could have How Many Episodes Of Father Ted Will You Watch Before You Die? – a health programme for porkies and boozers where a dashing doctor lays down the law: if you continue on your current ways and die young, you will only see the Eurovision Song Contest episode of Father Ted another 500 times. And maybe Seoige and Father Ted: with the best in topical discussion and entertainment, the show mixes human interest, news, special reports and interviews, and Father Ted.

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