I think Cathal O’Searcaigh came to our school once. I can remember sitting in a room with an Irish language poet and him talking to the class about some poem or other. I’m pretty sure it was him. As you can see, he left an indelible impression.

He’s in trouble at the minute, though.

Fine Gael’s education spokesman Brian Hayes said that if it emerged that there was any truth to the allegations, “the minister should think strongly about removing the poet’s work from the curriculum”.

This is as good a reason as any for not allowing Brian Hayes anywhere near our schools. It is grim indeed to consider the prospect of an education minister who proposed that only literature written by people of reputable character should be studied.

Then there was this:

But Fiona Neary, Director of Rape Crisis Network Ireland, said it was important that the Irish public see the film so they could “more fully understand the kind of sexual exploitation perpetrated by the Irish abroad”.

Unless I misread the synopsis of the film, I’m not quite sure how a film charting the actions of one man could provide a fuller understanding about what ‘the Irish’ do abroad when it comes to sexual exploitation. What is he, the Irish people’s ambassador for overseas sexual exploitation?


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