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No Longer About

They had their detractors, but in pure entertainment terms Game for a Laugh, Beadle’s About and You’ve Been Framed were three classics of the genre.

I’m sorry he’s dead, he seemed like a nice guy and he clearly did a lot of good work for charity. But to say that the aforementioned programmes are ‘classics of the genre’ is a bit like saying that Smash mash is a classic of the disgusting food genre. I remember watching all three programmes. The first one had Henry and Matthew Kelly in it. They were all complete shit. The fact that TV is even worse nowadays does not change this fact, just as getting the a boot up the arse does not become any more pleasurable after you’ve had the experience of being headbutted.

Inaudible Vowel Syndrome

The future looked slightly brighter as final confirmation was received yesterday that war-hungry freak Rudy Giuliani will not be President of the United States.

Christopher Hitchens saw some merit in Giuliani a couple of weeks ago:

Let us give hearty thanks and credit to Rudy Giuliani, who has never by word or gesture implied that we would fracture any kind of “ceiling” if we elected as chief executive a man whose surname ends in a vowel.

He was right to say nothing about this, since fact-obsessed anoraks would have taunted him with the names Monroe, Fillmore, Pierce, and Coolidge.


Here you can try and see how good you are at distinguishing Fox News anchors from porn stars. I got 6/10.

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