Underpants of Doom

Looks like the British state has been terrorising its own citizens again.

Despite what appeared to be strong evidence against the four the PPS said all charges were be-ing dropped due to the emergence of new information, al-though it declined to elaborate.

The abandonment of the trial is understood to centre on claims that senior dissident republican Paddy Murray was being protected from prosecution as a security-force agent.


“It is clear to anyone who studies the case that the trial fell apart once we sought disclosure of this individual’s role as a security-force agent who had entrapped our clients,” Mr Corrigan said.
“Our clients could not have been guaranteed a fair trial without that disclosure.”

It looks as though the British agent supplied a few Real IRA guys -whom I presume not to be the sharpest implements in the rectangular container, being members of a paramilitary group whose name recalls the Real Ghostbusters– with the necessary tools to go out and ruin the weekend for a substantial section of Northern Ireland’s DIY enthusiasts.

Two of them were allegedly found with incendiaries hidden down their trousers.

Lovers, not fighters.

Anyway, the point here is that if they’re doing it with the remnants of the ‘RA, you can bet your firecracker-filled Y-fronts that they’re doing it with those evil Musselmans and their fearsome terror plots to blow up Kent with a packet of aspirin and some bailer twine.


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