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You say Nayto I say Nahto

When confronted with the likes of José Maria Aznar claiming that he ‘believes in the West‘ as part of a speech seeking Israel’s entry to NATO, also claiming that said country is an ‘integral part of the West’, one is reminded of Gandhi’s observation that Western civilisation would be a good idea. When Hugo Chávez referred to Aznar as a fascist, thereby provoking the ire of the Spanish king, he was being unfair to fascists. Italian fascists had certain intellectual pretensions. Aznar, although resolutely authoritarian in personality, is a distinguished moron, and terrifyingly incoherent in several languages including his own. Here is a previous speech he made in favour of NATO, in which he appears to think ‘festival’ means ‘first of all’, advocating Israel’s entry to NATO. What’s the chances it’s the same speech he gave to the Israelis, but with slightly dodgier pronunciation?

He has luxurious hair, I’ll give him that.

‘welling up

George Orwell died today 58 years ago, which is the perfect excuse for me to complain about a tendency I first came across some time back: that of the smug fathead who seems to take Orwell’s observation that ‘it did not happen any the less because the Daily Telegraph has suddenly found out about them when it is five years too late’ to mean that you should always read the Daily Telegraph in case you missed something, and give it the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

Murder She Murdered

Feeding time often means being sat in front of the TV at a time you wouldn’t normally watch TV. Like yesterday, when I ended up watching Murder She Wrote – The Celtic Riddle, in which Jessica Fletcher travels to a place called ‘Ireland’ and investigates some murder or other.  In this ‘Ireland’, old men take the stage in raucous bars to tell stories of Tuatha De Danannn, men and women talk about speaking ‘Gaelic’, graveyard crosses are inscribed with Ogham, women get sent to Connemara to give birth to lovechildren and every second person sounds as though they are from America, and every third person sounds like they are from Scotland. Most worryingly, the Garda cars have registrations that begin with PIB: Northern ‘Ireland’ registrations from Armagh no less. I also spotted a vehicle with the reg beginning 00 F, whatever ‘F’ stands for.

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