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Collected Chiaoscuro

I was messing with the search function on my iPod.

Top 10 songs about light in my collection (there’s 37 results)

  1. I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren
  2. I Saw The Light – The Raspberries
  3. I Saw The Light – Hank Williams
  4. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight – Richard and Linda Thompson
  5. Shut Out The Light – Bruce Springsteen
  6. Blinking Lights (For Me) – Eels
  7. What Is The Light? – Flaming Lips
  8. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe – Divine Comedy
  9. I Love To Give You Light – Snoop Dogg
  10. A Luz De Tieta – Caetano Veloso

Interestingly, there are less songs about darkness, 13 in total, and are confined to a narrower range of artists.

  1. Dark End Of The Street – Flying Burrito Brothers
  2. Darkness On The Edge Of Town – Bruce Springsteen
  3. Straight Into Darkness – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  4. In My Hour of Darkness – Gram Parsons
  5. The Dark Is Rising – Mercury Rev
  6. By The Time It Gets Dark – Yo La Tengo
  7. Beware Of Darkness – George Harrison
  8. I See A Darkness – Johnny Cash
  9. Dark Man Of My Dreams – Mike Scott
  10. My Dark Side – Mike Scott

Dubious Donations

I was/am mulling over doing a longish post on celebrity, if people are actually obsessed with it, what it is, who benefits, and so on. Bread and circuses, opium of the people, that sort of thing. Something cool and dispassionate, perhaps, with some sympathy for those who find themselves needlessly preoccupied by such dubious distractions.

But before I do: Jesus Christ! Have you read this??

Among the more outrageous are suggestions that his daughter, Suri, was conceived using frozen sperm from the movement’s dead founder L Ron Hubbard

Holy crap. I feel an overpowering urge to write some doggerel.

Old Father Hubbard
Kept stored in his cupboard
A vial of frozen mettle

To continue the line
Of his mentor divine
Tom heated it up in a kettle.

I am sure you can do better.

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