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Start The Year

So it’s 2008. Big deal. I can barely tell the difference between 2007 and 2006.

Whilst I’m not big into marking the new year and suchlike, the time off work has alas put me in the frame of mind of coming up with all sorts of extravagant resolutions. I will not bore you with most of these. However, looking back over the last year’s posts, and thinking about what I thought about writing but then didn’t, I thought about putting together some resolutions for the site.

  1. Change the site name

    Most Sincerely Folks is a terrible name. It may have been mildly funny for all of 15 seconds three years ago. Now it’s a millstone: I can barely say the name out loud without vomiting. The only problem at the minute is that attempts to come up with something different have drawn even worse names so far.

  2. Plan posts

    I didn’t plan a single post last year, and it shows. Not that there’s anything wrong with spontaneity, but I found myself getting stuck in a rut of doing things like looking at the latest moronic Independent op-ed and cobbling together a few thoughts in reaction, or simply wasting hours looking for something easy to write about. Quality not quantity will be the approach for this year.

  3. Use charts ‘n’ graphs ‘n’ stuff, regularly

    2008 will be the year when I get serious. Psychograms and stuff. Or maybe pie charts and stuff.

  4. Have a couple of regular features

    I could be wrong, but I sense it’ll be easier to motivate myself if I think ‘it’s Monday, and that means I have to write my weekly post on songs about martyred animals’.

    Exciting stuff, whah? Happy New Year anyhows.

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