Bear Cares

It may be dawning on even the dimmest of you that I am not much of a fan of the Guardian these days. I used to buy the international version of it when I lived abroad, and I bought it regularly enough in the days when I would have to wander out for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread. What with the car and the weekly shopping in the supermarket, I don’t buy it any more, but I do look at its website daily.

It is almost a rite of passage for a certain sort of voluble middle-aged malcontent to start complaining about the Guardian, normally as testimony to the fact of political fallen arches, of youthful idealism substituted by the reality of real life. Well, I’m not complaining about it in that way. Rather, I just think it’s an awful newspaper, though it does have the odd decent op-ed from time to time. At least the Telegraph, the Times, the Mail and the rest of them don’t attempt to market themselves as something they are not. The Guardian positions itself as a sort of liberal, centre-left, establishment-hostile organ of truth, but in fact spends quite a lot of time venerating all sorts of corporate and imperial adventures in its reporting. Its smarmy Saturday edition in particular makes me wanna blow chunks.

The Turner Prize has been announced, and the Guardian is celebrating.

The prize was officially given, in fact, not for Sleeper, but for State Britain, his meticulous re-creation of peace campaigner Brian Haw’s anti-war protest in Parliament Square. The work was praised by the judges for its “immediacy, visceral intensity and historic importance” combining “a bold political statement with art’s ability to articulate fundamental human truths”.

Ah, so that’s why the title of the Guardian piece is

Bear man walks away with Turner prize

and the front page of the website shows Wallinger standing in front of a bear suit. The omission of the important detail from the main photo, the headline and the opening paragraph makes it hard for me to believe that this is a simple case of a bungled report.

When I make jokes like the one in the last sentence, should I point them out? Or should I just convince myself that you readers pick up on these things?

Update: in fairness, the Times is reporting on the bear angle as well. But it says that Wallinger got the prize for the bear. The Telegraph gets it right in the first paragraph, however.

Via EFE, here is the winning exhibit:



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