The Lilt Man Don’t Give A Fuck

To get an impression of how poor some of our public services are, take the last train to Sligo on a Friday night. The loo is a place to start. Ten minutes into the journey, the bowl is clogged. Fag butts floated in the lilting urine and tobacco-coloured viscous slime. The door is jammed, so, quite apart from a lack of privacy, the trickling tributaries of commuters’ piss flow unimpeded into the carriage, soaking the rucksacks and coats of the people who sit on the floor. They only realise what’s happening when they felt unexpectedly damp. One sudden lurch or wobbly track and the piss levies would break. No one seems to care. There is no staff anywhere.

This is a very serious matter, and David McWilliams is right to highlight it. ‘Lilting urine’, however, is a problematic image: is it urine the colour of Lilt, or urine that smells so bad it speaks with a Kerry accent or sings a jaunty tune? Also, ‘piss levies’ seems like one (dis?)charge too many: a piss levee would be more appropriate here.

This is spot on, I think:

We stand, as the tiny four-carriage “commuter” train (the average Dart train is considerably bigger), trundled trough Maynooth, Kilcock, Enfield disgorging the victims of our property boom who have been forced — by the “land cabal” that runs this country — to buy ridiculously overpriced shoe-boxes miles away from work. These young workers are now picking up the tab for the faltering property market and will suffer negative equity for years to come. And as if that betrayal of a generation wasn’t bad enough, they are being given a large two fingers by the State every time they part with their cash to avail of the Sligo cattle train.

Miserable, miserable stuff. But people affected by it are too exhausted by the burden of work, family and travel to organise any sort of popular campaign for decent public transport, or anything else. On the plus side, the debt burden faced by these workers will mean that their fresh-faced south Dublin-based bosses can exploit them even further for the purpose of their own pay rises.


2 Responses to “The Lilt Man Don’t Give A Fuck”

  1. 1 dav November 29, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    There is one saving grace…the chap from Dublin who runs the coffee cart and makes you pay for the tea and sour cream and onion Pringles of the stranger beside you when he can’t be bother to get change also announces on the intercom from time to time…’Ladies and Gentlemen the restaurant carriage, or as yee loike to call it ‘da shop’, is noy open’

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