IBEC Organizes To End Ahern’s Indefinite Rule; Michael O’Leary reluctantly takes reins

Hugh O’Shaughnessy on Hugo Chávez in the New Statesman:

Now those who have fawned on Saudi Arabian kings, indulged the Israelis’ atom bomb and their criminal mistreatment of Palestinians, and quietly backed every Latin American dictator from Somoza and Pinochet to the Argentine and Brazilian generals will attempt to portray the Venezuelan leader as anti-democratic.

They will also try to bury the European Commission’s high praise for last year’s presidential elections in Venezuela – “the high turnout, and peaceful atmosphere in which they were held, together with the acceptance of results by all those involved“.


Chávez won that poll having in 2002 had to fight his way out of a brief coup by a dim but authoritarian businessman.

The stage is set for the undermining of Chávez.

Et voici a report from today’s Guardian, where the ‘dim but authoritarian businessman’ who headed the illegal and anti-democratic coup is described merely as the erstwhile ‘head of the country’s interim government‘:

The president vowed not to allow a repeat of the events of 2002, when Pedro Carmona, then president of Fedecámaras, headed the country’s interim government.

Oh. And the report also begins with reference to his ‘indefinite presidency’. But it is ‘indefinite’ so long as the people continue to vote for him, as is the case for heads of government in France, Ireland, Britain and plenty of other obscure places I can’t even be bothered to look at. Which is to say, not indefinite at all.


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