Unsexy Gack

Dublin Opinion has a post on the documentary-book thingy controversy about cocaine.

I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, but widespread cocaine use in Ireland is doing serious damage to the prestige of cocaine. It used to be years ago that the image of cocaine was that of a gourmet drug for rock stars and mainland European aristocrats, normally sniffed off a silver tray atop a yacht. It was bad enough that supermarket owners used it, but the mere rumour of an Irish government minister doing it is the final nail in the coffin for its status as a drug of status.

There are striking parallels between the uses of cocaine and air travel over the past 30 years. What was once perceived to be the preserve of the rich and famous is now available to anyone with a regular wage. The physical effects are also similar: sustained exposure makes you sweaty, jumpy and obnoxious, scuttling off into cramped and filthy spaces to consume your product.


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