Triangulating on Issues of Right and Wrong

Apparently scientists have discovered that babies can tell right from wrong.

The team studied the reactions of six and 10-month-old babies to scenarios involving a climber trying to scale a hill. The character – a circular blob with eyes – was helped or hindered by two different shaped blobs. The triangle helped push the climber up while an unhelpful square blocked the climber’s ascent. The babies were offered the choice of holding the triangle or the square. Fourteen of the 16 10-month-olds and all 12 of the six-month-olds chose the triangle. The research is reported today in the journal Nature.

Yeah. But what if the circular blob with eyes is an Islamofascist climbing up to the hill to launch a hang-glider bombing attack? Or merely in flagrant violation of stringent health and safety guidelines? What if the square is the embodiment of the legitimate forces of law and order and the triangle that of the thuggish populace at large?

What this study may demonstrate is that babies learn to be terrorist-enabling useful idiots with a contempt for the law from a very early age. I hope these babies were placed under 24×7 surveillance: phone taps, CCTV, the works.


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