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You Get What You Need

Good grief, a Martina Devlin column I mostly agree with.

But no, they cynically chose to victimise one of the most powerless groups among us, the methadone user. Perhaps they felt the public would shrug its shoulders. After all, some drug-users do steal to fuel their addiction. Quite a few of us have been on the receiving end of their crimes — I was mugged by a drug addict with a syringe in Dublin.

But that doesn’t mean we can turn a blind eye to what’s happening here. A defenceless group is being held to ransom in a row over money — over other matters too, but profit margins are among them — and to hell with the repercussions to the methadone user.

To which I would have added: why methadone users, then? Well, they’re addicts. By withdrawing what they need to cope with their addiction, the pharmacists are delivering a vivid message to the public of what it is like to have the demands of your addiction denied. Pharmacists do this because they’re addicted to money.

Happy Days

Not the 1970s series about the 1950s with The Fonz and occasional guest appearances from Mork from Ork, but the expression frequently used in Belfast to denote a situation of eupepsia.

But Jim Kane, a builder, also from Holywood, spoke up in favour of a goldmine: “Go ahead, rip up the whole place, tear it up. If it brings money to us, happy days, bring it on. Some woman stopped me at work today and asked what I was doing, was I digging for gold? I wish.”

Emphasis mine. What the textual reproduction omits is the intonation required for its proper delivery. On a musical scale, it would be Ha (B flat, quaver), rising to Pee (E, quaver) – and then falling, with final emphasis on Dez (F sharp, minim), although to be totally accurate, you would need to change the key in accordance with the size of the speaker’s vocal cords.

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