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Fromage Fray

Once, I could look or listen to an advertisement and say ‘now that’s a clever ad’. Now, I hate them all. Still, I am aware that even though you might think you hate all advertisements equally, some may still have an unconscious effect on you, to the extent that when you’re choosing your box of washing powder, you might think that you’re definitely not buying that brand because of the awful ads with the footballer’s missus in her spacious happy home with the spacious happy kids, you are in fact buying the washing powder precisely because of those awful ads.

This came to mind when I was at Dunnes the other day choosing cheddar cheese. It was a straight choice between Dubliner and Kilmeaden, neither of which would be firm favourites of mine, even though for all I know they come out of the same cow as the Superquinn own brand, which is what I usually buy. So I was about to pick up the Dubliner one, (since Dubliner is, y’know, Joycean and all Ronnie Drew-voiced and that, whereas Kilmeaden is, I dunno, some monk somewhere giving himself a good seeing to with a cat o’nine tails) until I remembered the grating (geddit) radio advertisements for Dubliner cheese featuring the voice of someone who sounds very like that bellend Brendan O’Connor, so I picked up the Kilmeaden cheese instead.

So reader, are there any products you would buy if it were not for the godawful ads?

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