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Follow The Leader

I have abandoned my habitual namby-pamby reading habits dealing with limp-wristed stuff, and have embarked upon a quest to transform myself into the greatest leader the universe has ever known, but not without first humbly taking the time to study the greats.

First stop: Team Bush : Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House

An extract:

Some analysts have argued that Bush, like the nation, was fundamentally changed by September 11. The reality is that Bush, in the aftermath of September 11, was essentially the same as the president sworn in on January 20, 2001—and the man who served as Texas governor. New problems created a far more complex political chessboard on the geopolitical front. But the man and his style remained fundamentally the same, deeply grounded in an MBA approach to decision-making and leadership.

Thrilling stuff. Now, I’m offa to git me one of them MBAs. Because…..

By any standard, George W. Bush has been a remarkably effective executive. Not only is he the nation’s first MBA president, he is also, to borrow from Gilbert and Sullivan, the very model of a modern MBA executive. For Bush, the decision is the central presidential act.

A light opera about business administration? Only serves to demonstrate that Team Gilbert and Sullivan were -like the President who made up his mind to bomb Iraq after listening to Three Little Maids– groundbreakingly effective forward thinkers.

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