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Funny Peculiar

The BBC is reporting that lawyers for the tediously overexposed Catherine Tate, Matt Lucas and David Walliams are taking action against a Christian outreach group that used catchphrases associated with them on some campaign or other.

I have never got to grips with the English taste for catchphrases, which appears to stem from a situation where people find the same joke as funny the thousandth time as it is the first. My English friends do it all the time: rather than try and find something apparently new and funny to say, they try and see if they can get some more mileage out of some recognisable phrase that has already proven funny.  Of course, they only do this because they know that other similarly-minded people are also going to find it funny.

Before I forget, I abhor canned laughter in general, but I really hate the canned sound of appreciative applause, you know, when people clap at something that isn’t really funny at all, but is rather a polished piece of performance: some piece of verbal ingenuity or some long winded line that required a lot of practice to memorise.

You can’t be that funny if you need lawyers to keep you funny.

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