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The discomfort, and receipt, that comes with change.

Myers is backing the construction of tall buildings in D4 today. And for those who chose to oppose:

And behind it all is the voice of old money, lazy money, unimaginative money, and most of all, snobbish money, expressing the discomfort that always comes with change.

Sorrry, I know he’s the presenter of Challenging Times and that, but what the hell is Myers talking about? If I have a ten Euro note, right, and I am a bit of a fat-headed bore, right, then according to Myers’s logic this is ten fat-headed boring Euro.

But if I hand over the same fiver to a creative genius, right, like Gavin Friday or someone, then that money somehow becomes imaginative money. Alchemy! But! And here’s the thing that gets me, right: when Gavin Friday buys twenty fags, a lighter and a bottle of coke with his imaginative money, he has to hand over the same amount of his imaginative money that I would have to hand over of my fat-headed boring money. (Assuming we buy the same brand of fags, although I’m sure he’d buy Peter Stuyvesant or something. But anyway.)

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I would like to get my hands on some imaginative money. I am prepared to pay one fat-headed Euro for every imaginative Euro you clowns can come up with.

Wouldn’t It Be Great If It Was Like This All The Time?

Oh frabjous day. After receiving advice from Jeffrey Donaldson and Martin McGuinness…

Representatives from Sunni and Shia groups in Iraq agreed on a road map to peace based on the experience in Northern Ireland after four days of secret talks in Finland, reconciliation group the Crisis Management Initiative said last night.

Point 5 of the agreed 12-point plan:

End international interference.

No doubt Dick Cheney is fully signed up to that one. Why, word has it that a White House Declaration, based on the Downing Street Declaration of 1993 which provided the basis for the Northern Ireland peace process, is in the final stages of being drafted. It will say something like:

On this basis, (the President) reiterates, on behalf of the US Administration, that they have no selfish strategic or economic interest in Iraq.

Peace in our time, I tell you. In other news, Charles Manson is said to be the bookies’ hot favourite to win the next series of Celebrity Love Island.

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