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Circumspect Circumnavigation

How about this for a phrasal verb of untold ugliness: circle back. As in

Well, after you speak with Fred, make sure you circle back with Mabel to see that she’s ok with it.

As if the other person travels by hanglider or something.

Thatch Entertainment

I enjoyed the visit to the Imperial War Museum.

It had an exhibition on the Falklands War which was a bit sparse. There was some TV footage, and I had expected to see the following, but no sign:

Them was the days.

We’re All Right, Jack

I’m back. I have had the urge to write something since getting back from London on Friday, but the urge did not translate into words.

The Irish Independent has an editorial today, claiming the following:

As a country, we were 10pc better off last year than the year before – and incomparably better off than before the Celtic Tiger boom.

It is consoling to people like me -whose last pay increase was lower than the rate of inflation- that if my living standards have fallen, at least ‘as a country’ we are doing fine.

– Doctor! These flesh-eating worms are destroying my innards, resulting in unspeakable pain!

– Fear not patient. In this hospital we are doing a better job than ever. Why, the number of actual sick people in the hospital has fallen dramatically over the last year.

The Irish Independent ‘we’. Who is it? Is it you? Introduce yourself dammit.

– Guard! A drug-addled cow rapist has just plunged his machete between my shoulder-blades!

-It needs to be noted, sir, that the actual incidence of crime has fallen over the last year, indicating that we are safer than ever before.

Are you one of these 33,000 people with assets of at least €1m in addition to the value of their home? If so, let me shake your hand. Thanks to dynamic go-getters like you, we as a country are 10% better off than last year.

Put it there, pal.

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