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Accent on the ridiculous

“We’ve put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different,” Jordan told OK! magazine.

Fair enough. We are all individuals, and therefore require individual names. And numberplates.

One of the dreary aspects of living in a republic where the cars are registered according to the year and county is the asphyxiating lack of room for individual expression in one’s car numberplate, to say nothing of the job opportunities foregone. Every time I venture North, I am blown away when I behold the likes of Bi6R1 DE adorning the rump of a Toyota Corolla.

Some of you are already aware that my wife and I have been engaged in similar negotiations to those undertaken by Peter and Jordan. It is a long and drawn out process, and the result may be similarly portmanteauish.

First of all, my own going in position was that the child should bear the name of my favourite TV programme, i.e. Ugly Betty. My wife wanted the child to be named after her favourite city, Stockholm. So initial options bandied about were Ugholm and Betstock. Then I got to thinking that something purely alphabetical betrays a lack of individuality. I figured that some numbers would spice things up a little. So we then pondered 291holm and 2520stock, but my wife wanted to place a circonflex over the 2 to make it a bit different, which I thought was an aesthetic abomination, and whilst willing to accept a circonflex on the 0, I thought it was a bit silly to have a circonflexed figure preceding an ‘s’, since the circonflex generally indicates the absence of an ‘s’, as in l’hôpital.

However, things have been somewhat up in the air somewhat since we found out the child’s gender. Basically, I’m not convinced that 2520stock is a suitable name for a boy.

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