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8 of Pieces

I saw Gerry doing the 8 facts thing, so I decided to copy him, sure why not.

  1. In an egregious case of mistaken identity, I once wrestled a French aristocrat to the ground and punched him in the mouth.
  2. I once unsuccessfully fled a police van with a chair upon my head.
  3. People often think that my handwriting is that of my wife’s, because they assume that only a woman could write so neatly.
  4. Of all the jobs I have done, I think I enjoyed cleaning windows the most.
  5. I rarely regret anything I write, but there was this one time at college in England when I happened across a poster advertising a booze cruise to Dublin, with a cartoon of leprechaun holding aloft a pint of Guinness, with a tricolour on his t-shirt. So I wrote ‘IRA’ on the t-shirt, with a letter on each colour. It seemed fitting at the time, but I’m not sure now. The poster disappeared promptly.
  6. Last night at half two I was awoken by the sound of three drunk people letting off bangers outside the house.
  7. I get up at half five each morning.
  8. Today a man puked over himself beside me on the train.

Colossus of Roads

Someone slay the fattened calf. BBC News is announcing that the M1 is 45 years old.

The M1 begins in Belfast and ends somewhere out west. It also has breathtaking views of Sprucefield and H-Block, if it hasn’t been demolished yet. It’s been 10 years or so since I last looked.

Perhaps the key achievement in building the M1 was that you could drive all the way to Belfast without getting stuck behind a burnhouse lorry full of smelly animal carcasses.  Thus a new era for Northern Ireland was heralded.
I am grinding my teeth in anticipation of the celebrations. Hopefully they will outstrip the extravagance of even the 40th anniversary celebrations, where a civic reception was held and a cake was served, in the shape of the M1.

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