Hits From The Gong

I missed a lot of the news while abroad. It seems that the author of this:

One of the key concepts of imperialism was that military superiority implied cultural superiority, and this enabled the British to condescend to and repress cultures far older than their own; and it still does. For the citizens of the new, imported Empire, for the colonized Asians and blacks of Britain, the police force represents that colonizing army, those regiments of occupation and control.

is now a KBE.

Incidentally, the WSJ article to which I link -a gruesome pile of shit, as it happens- contains the most ludicrous piece of globe-spanning alliteration I have come across in a long time:

‘(Rushdie’s elevation)…highlights two of the core values of Western civilization conspicuously absent in most of the Muslim world: freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry. It squarely rejects the notion that the fossilized norms of Mecca and Mashhad hold sway over Manchester and Middlesex, and beyond them, over Malmo and Minneapolis.’

Oh, blow it out your ass.

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