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Left On The Streets

Fianna Fáil today promised to make Dublin one of the best places in the world to live.

I am guessing that this grandiose nonsense -usually the preserve of multinational corporations- comes in response to the observations of many that Dublin is actually a bit of a shithole.
But let it never be said that I simply hurl from the ditch. I can think of one low-cost measure that would improve life in Dublin immensely. Among those who actually walk and do not spend the year decomposing in their cars, the residents of Dublin walk hundreds of unnecessary miles every year in trying to dodge people coming in the opposite direction. This is not because Dublin is particularly overcrowded, or because it is full of fearful homo consumens, but because many people are first-generation city dwellers with no idea of how to live in a city. Cattle Marts and packed hotel discos from years past have left many thinking that walking amid the madding crowd as though your legs were the buckled front wheel of a bike is just the way it is.

Well, it isn’t. My humble suggestion is that people walk on the left hand side when proceeding along the street. It would cost a fraction of the amount spent by political parties on election posters in the Dublin area, and would improve people’s life quite considerably.

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