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The Ego and The It

What is the ‘it’ in those Progressive Democrat posters showing Michael McDowell with the line ‘Don’t throw it all away’?

I have been talking to people, and they have some suggestions:

  • It’s hundreds of hours a year spent travelling to work, headbutting the steering wheel to Matt Cooper’s drone;
  • It’s fainting on public transport;
  • It’s the dawning reality that the work you do every day may sent to the other side of the world for someone else to do, and to avoid getting thrown on the scrapheap you must learn new skills to work longer hours with deteriorated conditions, and that the decision to give you your notice will be made by a man somewhere in America whom you have never met and whose first name is his mother’s maiden name;
  • It’s the primary school for your children that doesn’t exist;
  • It’s a dilapidated health service;
  • It’s getting tailgated by an SUV;
  • It’s telecommunications companies having you by the nads;
  • It’s the remainder of my breakfast roll;
  • It’s our love, as sung by the Bee Gees;
  • It’s my portfolio of rental properties;
  • It’s my consultant salary;
  • It’s an appeal to the dominant anal hoarding characteristics of the Irish middle class.
  • It’s a fat baldy man in glasses.

And so on.

Bad Hair Day

The jockey of human progress, so cruelly dismounted by nature’s unruly mule after yesterday’s stunning absence of cancer cure stories in the Herald AM, is back in the saddle with a vengeance this morning.  The Herald AM reports that examining just one strand of hair can predict your risk of cancer. Praise the lord.

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